Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, on my blog I can say what I want,

so, in my opinion, Ericka C Barnett is a wanker...."wah,wah, people said mean stuff about me, so I'm going to yank it from SLOG and then chew people out for being so mean!"

She really is awful. She's a boring writer who seems to have about three themes she sticks to: bird flu, bikes/transit and Hillary. And I've known people who've had to encounter her in their daily lives, and they weren't impressed. I've been told a couple mean stories about her, (no, nothing THAT juicy), but I'm not going to repeat them because I don't want it to come back to haunt the person who told them to me.

Apparently, much of the Stranger staff hates the Slog and the people who write on it. Yeah, it can be really childish, but I think a big chunk of the problem is, there's probably a dozen decent writers on SLOG who could do the jobs of most of the paid editorial staff at the Stranger, and that idea probably makes them a little uncomfortable. The only brilliant person there is Savage, and that's just because he learned how to market himself and not because of his writing skills...I'm not knocking the Stranger staff; I think most of them are great, but some of them could really lose their churlish, pouty attitude towards Slog and the Sloggers.

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