Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm not in a write-y mood today but ECB's rant on Andrew Sullivan,

led me to my favorite time killer, Google Image. Sullivan's a sexy guy, a stocky little manbear with a receding hairline. I don't agree with everything he says, but at least he's an intelligent conservative; they're few and far between. But, I was a little confused by some of the images that pulled up on Google Image. There's some fairly raunchy stuff, some of it connected to his hus-bear, (urp) Aaron Tone who's an artist who's done some paintings of Sullivan, including a lovely buttscape...I got this bit of gossip about Sullivan and Tone from a site called (

“(a) he is handsome, but appears significantly younger than andrew. (b) he is ever so slightly condescending in conversation. (c) he and andrew enjoy five-ways in the dunes. (d) andrew cruised me several times at various times and places in p-town last week (spacepussy, showgirls, vault at large, a-house). (d) from afar, andrew seems unsettled to me, his enviable facade of domesticity notwithstanding.”

Oh, and Aaron Tone is a cutie pie, too...

and here's a quote from an essay that Sullivan wrote about body hair and mansmells that I found on this website (

"And smell. The only rule I have ever had for boyfriends is no deodorant on weekends. There is nothing less erotic on the planet than a mouth or handful of white paste, with its sickly half-man half-Air-Wick odor. I’m not talking stink. I’m talking scent – the real scent of men that can never be found on a woman, the scent that is a huge component of our sexual desire, attraction and identity. Not all of it is related to the factories of odor under our arms. Much of it comes in subtler, sometimes almost imperceptible form from the rest of our bodies – crotches, legs, chests, backs. It’s at the core of sexual attraction; and at the center of sexual life. Why gay men would want to abhor, abort or abjure it is beyond me. So please throw away the razor and the buzzer and embrace yourself again. You have nothing to lose but your stubble." --Andrew Sullivan "Hairy"

After reading that, it's hard to believe that Sullivan and Savage are buddies...

And now for some completely gratuitous photos of Ben Cohen. Happy Friday, everyone.

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