Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eric Clapton and me: separated at birth.

I've had people tell me this more than once, and i don't get it. I don't think we look anything alike. Maybe, it's the scruffy facial hair, glasses and similar coloring? But facially, we are nothing alike, and as far as I am aware, none of my kids has ever fallen out of a window...

I bring this up, because I was in the Starbucks next to Crate and Barrel at U-Village on Sunday, and I was checking out this very attractive, vaguely Middle Eastern/Israeli-ish, stud muffin who was in there with an older, frumpy, very northern European-y, ginger haired woman. They exited the store right after me, and after walking a couple feet, the woman playfully called out to me, "My brother thinks you look like Eric Clapton!" I turned around and said, "uh, thanks, i guess", and the brother looked a little embarassed and we both kind of blushed at each other and then MY brother came out of Crate and Barrel and the odd moment was over and we went our separate ways. It was very strange; did the guy make the comment to his sister cause he LIKED the way I looked, or was it just a casual comment that I looked like Clapton? But if it was a casual thing, why did the sister call out to me? It seemed like she was encouraging her brother to flirt, or was she just being a bitch? This guy's probably a lot like me; not good at flirting and not good at being able to determine if someone is interested in you or not. I'm lousy at it; I think I've gone on a couple of dates and not really realized they were dates until long after the fact! The whole thing was arousing and annoying and frustrating, because he really was cute!

Oh, and I didn't get the sister thing, 'cause they looked NOTHING alike. Someone had to be adopted there, or step siblings or pretend siblings or something. He was very dark and semitic looking and she looked very...Irish.

And as for the Clapton bugs me, 'cause I don't really like Eric Clapton and I don't think he's very attractive, but I guess there are WORSE people you could look like...

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