Friday, January 25, 2008

Matisyahu was featured on the Jewish-American doc on PBS

on Wednesday...I'd vaguely heard of him, but had never had a chance to listen to his music before. I really liked it, which is odd because in the past I haven't been that attracted to reggae/ska and just recently I've been exposed to the Specials and now this guy and I'm liking both...I don't write or talk much about music. I love music, but it's not my thing, like it is for a lot of other people. I get gushy over film and books and theatre and art more than I do about music so I guess I'm more visually inclined than aurally...Maybe I liked Matisyahu because of his visuals; I'm not attracted to him, but I think he is attractive and he obviously has a very distinctive look...maybe I'm turned on by this great piece of art. Is this a Shepard Fairey? or a wannabe?

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