Monday, January 14, 2008

There's nothing to really rant about today except the same

oh, same oh....the weather, primarily, which seems to be stuck in suck mode...I'm nervously getting ready for the Rebar gig, which I'm looking forward to, but it's a scary new thing, AND since the person I was counting on to put together the 2nd gig for next month flaked out on me, now I have to come up with a new idea and performers for it, in a couple weeks...I have an idea, but I need to come up with some talent. Any takers out there?

Just a short chortle about the Golden Globes, or the lack of them last night...I watched a bit of the "show" on NBC last night, and all I can say, it was pretty freaking lame and Billy Bush IS the sorriest excuse of a Bush on the planet...I'd spend quality time with GWB or even his Pa, before I'd hang out with that lame sumbeetch Billy. (Ooops; I'm trying to keep this cleanish so I can get some ad revenue, but that's probably not going to happen; I"m a filthy boy.)

Regarding the Globes, I do miss watching them, since they are the most entertaining of the big award shows, what with celebrities having such close proximity to free liquor, but the Globes are pretty meaningless in the long run. I was glad to see Johnny Depp win and Javier Bardem, and it was amusing that Atonement won best drama over No Country for Old Men, (I liked both movies) which has been racking up all the critics awards, but none of it makes much difference. Has anyone ever put "Golden Globe Winner" in their obituary? WILL anyone, other than Pia Zadora, ever put that in an obituary? I think not.

But I did miss having my annual People's Golden Globular Choice cocktail party and me and my guests' attempts to get drunker than the celebrities attending the Globes...Every year though, Harrison Ford always managed to win the drunkest celebrant of the night award. God Bless you Harrison...wherever you are.

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