Monday, January 28, 2008

The Steamworks bathhouse chain buys Club Seattle..

Renovations have already started and they're hiring men to do the work...visions of tool belt orgies dance past the eyes of horny, middle aged men...(hmmmm...I may copyright that title and sell it to Joe Gage: Seattle Tool Belt Orgy does have a nice ring to it...)


den said...

I just joined. Will they be closing down to do renovations, or stay open during all the work?

Brian said...

We expect to be able to remain open to serve your purient needs throughout the majority of the work. At times, the work will be obnoxious - so maybe call first to be sure we're not painting with oil-based epoxy that day...we will do everything we can to protect and enhance your experience here. It's a whole new attitude and experience for Seattle bathhouse players! Somewhere where the owners and mgt are paying attention to what the public wants and deserves!

den said...

i look forward to getting back to cs/steamworks. thanks to brisn's comments, i'll call first.