Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More reporting, a surprisingly large amount of it from the NYTimes,

who normally don't dwell much with celebrity scandal stuff, is clearing up some confusion in Heath Ledger's death. Reports that there were illegal drugs in the apartment, now look to be untrue, and there's more explaination what exactly Mary-Kate Olsen had to do with it all. The answer is: not much. It wasn't her apartment, and she was simply the person the masseuse, who discovered the body, called in order to get some advice on how to proceed. (Funny, my reaction to a cold, apparently dead body would be to call 9-11). Mary-Kate did have the sense to call a private security firm to send over some security, but that's apparently the extent of her involvement, (she wasn't even in New York). I'm sure there's much, much, much more to come...

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