Thursday, January 31, 2008

I find this hard to believe...

Stars Pressure TV Shows to Nix Ledger Drug Video
ET, 'Insider' Won't Air Video of Deceased Actor After Calls From Publicists, Celebrities

Actors Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Brolin and Ellen Page called producers at sister TV shows owned by CBS Paramount to request the full video not be aired Thursday after a teaser was shown Wednesday night, a source close to the stars told ABC

I got this originally from Defamer, but the quote is from:

No offense to those actors, but do they really have the power to do this? At best, they're A- listers. I could see it happening if it were Pitt/Clooney/Jolie/Gyllenhaal/Witherspoon level people doing it. I can't see Paramount backing down for Princess Amidala and Carrie Bradshaw, god love'em...
Maybe they're the only ones to go on the record? Or maybe the Osmonds objected; lately ET/Insider have been seriously crawling up their ass. During Dancing with the Stars, D&M were on EVERY night for two months. Who knew Donnie and Marie welded so much power?

Anyway, I'm glad ET/Insider dumped this. It was tasteless and sensationalizing and not necessary. I don't think it's a shock to most of the free world that some young Hollywood types hang out with each other and do drugs. For that matter, a lot of NON-Hollywood types in their twenties in Dallas, and Albany and Topeka hang out and do drugs with each other; it's just the folks in those places tend to party with cheaper varieties of drugs.

Now, if we could get Josh Brolin and Ellen Page to kidnap Pat O'Brien and Mary Hart and lock them up in torture cages, all would be right with the world...

NOTE: if Pat O'Brien actually had a bod like the one in the photo, he'd almost be fuckable...almost.

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