Monday, January 21, 2008

Scenic Boys: tender, young beefcake...

awwww....aren't they cute? The ScenicBoys are Garet and Dusty, this adorable couple who have nekkid and non-nekkid adventures in wilderness areas where they photgraph and video their hijinks. They were going to be in my Beefcake Babylon show and I wanted to showcase their pictures. You can check out their website at And yes, they are LEGAL...I know they look underage but they are both over 18...I'd never intentionally post underage nudes...(Yuck)
YMAC types really aren't my thing, but these boys are cute as pie.

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ScenicBoys said...

Hello Michael. Thanks for the nice words. Sorry to hear that the Beefcake show isn't going to happen this year. We were very excited to be apart of a show. Hope you keep us in mind next time.