Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have to say...

I'm kind of annoyed with the Heath Ledger coverage. The Seattle Times headline is "Heath Ledger found dead with prescription drugs by bed", (or words to that effect). Uh, many people die with PRESCRIPTION DRUGS by the bed. And the Seattle PI is worse, with a sub head listing the names and ages of other celebs who died young, and it's people like Belushi, and Chris Farley, and River Phoenix and Freddie Prinze, all people with MAJOR drug issues that fought long battles with their addictions. By everything I read, it sounds like Ledger was suffering from depression and using a lot of anti-depressants AND possibly some narcotic use but nothing definitive and if he had a severe dependency problem, it was relatively recent. It's also being reported that the autopsy revealed he was suffering from pneumonia. Might it be a situation where a depressed person, very sick and confused from a physical ailment might have made a mistake with his medications and in a weakened physical state, easily sucumbed due to a bad combination of drugs and a compromised immune system? I feel bad that he's getting the "another Hollywood junky fatality" when that might not be the case.

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