Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does anyone care?

I mean, seriously does anyone believe in all these "Angie vs Jen" covers we've seen week after week after week on the covers of the tabloids for the last, what, five years? How many times have they confronted each other, or almost confronted each other or threatened to confront each other? I really can't stand either one of them, or Brad Pitt for that matter, and I think they both are a little crazy, in the whole, everyone in Hollywood is a bit crazy/self-absorbed way, but I have my doubts that Aniston spends every waking moment agonizing over her loss of Pitt or Jolie's role in that. I mean, Aniston is kept very busy filming vapid movies, appearing on Oprah, hanging out with best buds, the Cox-Arquettes and romancing mega-talent John Mayer to have time for that kind of ca-ca, right?

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