Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Douchebag of the Month Club

Beau Breedlove, the May component of the scandalous May-December relationship with out-gay mayor of Portland Oregon, Sam Adams has done an "erotic photo session" and will be the cover story of the May issue of the gay men's magazine, Unzipped, an adult publication that features full frontal nudity and stories that focus on gay sex, erotica and porn films and their stars.


I thought Breedlove was supposed to be the innocent victim of all this? The poor, young, naive gay youth corrupted by a nasty, predatory, much older gay "child" molester and pathological liar...shouldn't Breedlove be sobbing somewhere, tearfully confessing to a love gone tragically wrong? Or am I being too harsh? Maybe exposing your wing-wang for cash because you're a media celebrity as a result of a sex scandal is an accepted form of therapy and a vital ingredient in the recipe for self-improvement! I mean, Breedlove's female equivalents have done the same, or similar, for the last 40 years; why should gay men be exempt from cashing in on their notoriety? Fair is fair, after all.

And, on a personal note, I'm hoping Mr Breedlove has been working out; I don't think he's unattractive or unhealthy but while he might be young and trim, he is not exactly personal snap shots of Breedlove posing in a brief Speedo swimsuit taken at a beach that have been leaked to the media, he didn't exactly display the stereotypical toned and well muscled physique of your average American Gay Twink/Pin up Model...and while it doesn't bother ME in the slightest, and I consider such attention to the importance of physical perfection to be abhorrant, I also know how vicious many Geighs can be about such perceived physical imperfections like badly receding hairlines or flabby body shapes.

Or, character imperfections, for that matter...

O.K., O.K....I know I'm coming off a little harsh, and like I'm some bitchy, old, prim, puritanical prude and I'm trying too hard to be arch and "funny" but this little twerp is pissing me off with his hypocrisy. Initially, Breedlove did take the high road when the scandal broke and said all the right things in a prudent manner, and generally acted like a "gentleman" and a grown-up. But, gradually, he kept on talking and commenting and adding more and more to the story and he quickly exited off the high road and merged onto the Highway of Trash Celebrity. It became obvious that Breedlove realized he liked the attention and the possible perks of being a media whore. Yes, I understand he's young and the young tend to be foolish and callow, but Breedlove is starting to roll around in the filth of his shallowness. And what's going to happen when the celebrity is gone? The media circus of any scandal is always ready to move on to the next big thing in the next big town...and let's be honest...a minor gay sex scandal involving the mayor of a minor American city is going to quickly get overshadowed by something newer and bigger and juicier. Our boy Beau is getting some attention and a little money for his fame NOW, but it's not going to last much longer and the money he's getting is minor. And when the end seems to be in sight, is he going to be able to withdraw from his celebrity heroin habit or will he crave more? Is an exclusive deal with Michael Lucas or Chi Chi LaRue or Titan Studios for Breedlove's porn film debut very far off? It wouldn't surprise me but it would also sadden me that this kid feels compelled to make foolish choices to extend his 15 minutes of trashy, unearned fame.

The photo is credited to Zach Sire and I found it HERE.

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Chris down in The Couv said...

So what you're saying, Michael, is that you're NOT planning to pick up the Beau issue of Unzipped when it comes out. Is that correct?

I wouldn't worry about Beau's non-attainment of physical perfection (which no gay porn star has, they all have sores and scabs and scars and zits and stuff). They can digitally do ANYTHING to photos these days.