Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Media Meltdowns: Part XXXIV

I just figured out that Defamer has been folded into Gawker...For those of you NOT in the know, Defamer was the Hollywood branch of Nick Denton's blogmedia empire that started with Gawker, the parent New York-centric, media and culture obsessed blog started by Denton a thousand years ago, er, earlier in the decade (I can't find the date it started; Wikipedia has failed me again...). While Gawker Media has prospered more than most other blog based businesses, they've still been hurt by the economic downturn. They've already sold off some of their blogs, (the very popular Wonkette), closed others and late last year announced that Defamer and Valleywag (Silicon Valley/Tech blog) were up for sale, but there were no buyers and both properties are being folded into Gawker.

This is a bummer because in it's heyday, Defamer was a very entertaining way to spend part of your was a snarky, hip take on the usual melange of frivolous Hollywood news and gossip, (call it the anti-Entertainment Tonite if you will), and reading it made you feel like a part of the Hollywood Power Elite and privy to the location of some of the real tinsel that is normally buried beneath all the fake tinsel that is your typical Hollywood based newssource.

Gawker will obviously continue to have Hollywood based stories and news, but it won't be the same...

Long Live Defamer.

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