Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Gay Man and One Who Pretends to be Gay Win Oscars.

Both Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter of Milk and Sean Penn, the star of the film, won Oscars last night and both gave moving acceptance speeches that addressed the issue of gay marriage rights, but Mr Black gets all the brownie points because he didn't fail to thank his beautiful, long suffering, "I've sacrificed my career for you, you two-timing, cheating, sumbitch!" like Mr Penn did...

Also, small children of South Asian descent are adorable and a welcome addition to the red carpet, especially if they're an aid in tripping up dimwitted red carpet interviewers like Ryan Sechrest.

And, I don't think I'm the only who left watching the Oscars last night convinced that Hugh Jackman might just be the gayest non-gay on the planet, and also wonder how long he can keep up the pretense that he's just an old-fashioned song and dance man who can't help it if everything he does on stage seems to be in distinct hommage to the man he portrayed on Broadway in The Boy From Oz, Peter Allen...

Oh, and the following:

Is Beyonce the go to person for every single gawdamned awards show?

More Tina Fey/Steve Martin partnerships, please!

I don't think the actors from Slumdog will get much of a boost from the movies success, (Frieda Pinto will end up as a second string Bond girl and Dev Patel will get some gawky, horny teen roles) but I'm thinking that composer A.R. Rahman will line up plenty of work, both in film and colloborating with other music just know that Madonna has plans to suck him dry...

and, Waltz with Bashir was robbed.

That is all.

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