Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This will make you cry.

The koala moved gingerly on scorched paws, crossing the blackened landscape as the fire patrol passed. Clearly in pain, the animal stopped when it saw firefighter David Tree following behind. 'It was amazing, he turned around, sat on his bum and sort of looked at me with (a look) like, put me out of my misery,' Tree told The Associated Press on Tuesday. 'I yelled out for a bottle of water. I unscrewed the bottle, tipped it up on his lips and he just took it naturally. He kept reaching for the bottle, almost like a baby.' The team called animal welfare officers as it resumed its patrols on Sunday, the day after deadly firestorms swept southern Victoria state. 'I love nature, and I've handled koalas before. They're not the friendliest things, but I wanted to help him,' Tree said."

I got this from Towleroad and I'm assuming they got it from the AP.

If you want to make a donation to aid the victims, both human and animal, of the horrifying Australian wildfires, go to The Australian Red Cross site.

If you're a misanthrope and don't care to help people but want to help the koalas and their burned out kin, give money to the Wildlife Victoria organization.

Here's a less stressful picture of another koala seeking aid from the heat. And here's a link to more koala pix:

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