Monday, February 16, 2009

TV Time

1)I forgot that The Amazing Race started a new series last night and I missed it.

Damn it.

2)Since getting a digital converter box for the tv, I've noticed that ocassionally the sound will be very slightly out of sync with the picture. I watched a few minutes of Good Morning, America this morning and it happened and it looked like Diane Sawyer had wandered into a Japanese monster movie from the 60' was a little off putting.

3)I put on a dvd of one of the seasons of Strangers With Candy late last night. That show is fucking brilliant, acutely politically incorrect, (Jerri calls her brother faggot constantly, which makes me wince until I remind myself that Amy Sedaris is beyond reproach), twistedly perverse and always manages to stay on target with its agenda, (great satiric comedy with a not so subtle message).

Also, it's amazingly filthy. How can you not love a show where the heroine professes to love both the "pole and the hole" and delights in telling prospective dates that she's "moist as a snack cake, down there"...


Homer said...

You can watch the episode you missed on the CBS website!

michael strangeways said...

yeah, I knew that and I might listen to it today at work but it's not the end of the world if I don't see it...I loves me some TAR , (well, not the Family/American edition: ugh) but the first couple episodes have so many contestants that it's hard to keep track of them and all the cross cutting gives me a headache...I find TAR and Survivor and most reality competition shows to be the most entertaining after they've eliminated at least a quarter of the contestants.