Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tonite on Lost: The Little Prince

Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron's true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time are placing the lives of the remaining island survivors in extreme peril.

Guest List
Guest starring are Susan Duerden as Carole Littleton, Tom Irwin as Dan Norton, William Blanchett as Aaron, Emerson Brooks as Tony, Stephanie Niznik as Dr. Evelyn Ariza, Melissa Farman as young Frenchwoman, Guillaume Dabinpons as Frenchman #1, Marc Menard as Frenchman #2, Bruno Bruni as Frenchman #3 and Ane Tranetzki as bellman.
from many French people on tonite's show....interesting. AND, Claire's mom.

Is Aaron the Little Prince, do you think?

IS this a reference to the children's book and horrid movie?

Will we see Claire tonite, in some form?

Has Matthew Fox grown back his chest hair?

Will Richard Alpert explain why he seems ageless or why he wears mascara?

Hopefully, these and many other questions will be answered on tonite's episode of Lost.

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