Friday, February 6, 2009

Maybe I'm just in a rotten mood,

but, it seems like the comments and the commentators on Slog have gotten very douchy lately. It's like all those dumbass, provincial, conservative, Fox News watching, whitebread junior high school kids suddenly took over. I don't enjoy watching Slog turn into 98% of the other big blogs out there with dumb comments from dumb people. I want it to be full of dumbass comments from relatively smart people, like it was before.

Another sign of getting old:

missing the good ole days...

To improve my mood, here are two completely gratuitous photos of Jon Hamm, who started his guest star turn on 30 Rock last night, and was absolutely adorable...And, I'm putting all my faith in Tina Fey that she'll write at least one scene requiring Mr Hamm to wear a Speedo.

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