Friday, March 14, 2008

David Lyle is an ultra photo realistic painter...

and I'm not sure how I feel about that...I like these pieces, but I keep asking myself, are they necessary? Are these just copies of existing photographs, or are they trying to say something else? Is it the art that is failing, or is it me?

I really wish there was another layer of something with these paintings. (and what that something is, I could't tell you, but it just seems like there needs to be another layer of meaning here...)They seem like they are on the verge of something wonderful, but can't quite get there. The artist is fairly young; hopefully, he'll eventually get there. Or, I will...

oh, I forgot to mention I got this from Juxtapoz and you can check out David Lyle at:

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david lyle said...

First of all I would like to say thanks for finding the time to write about me be it good or bad. I enjoy negitive feedback just as much as positive. You can't please everyone, and nobody likes to have smoke blown up their ass all the time.
What I do, is'nt just about the painting, it's about the idea of finding lost images that once had a life or an interest, and putting them back out there in a different medium. Also some of my paintings are changed from the actual photos or even paintings cut out on panels juxtaposed ontop of other paintings or images.
Any way once again thanks for writing about me
I must have made some impression for you to take the time to write this blog.
Good Luck with your Blogging
david lyle