Friday, March 21, 2008

I went to see Danielli play at the Comet last night...

Five seconds after leaving the house, my friend Chelsea and I were freezing and wet and whining that we should have stayed home. But our constant bitching took our mind off the horrid weather and we got to the Comet by 10.30pm. We'd timed it just right; the first band was finished and Danielli was setting up. I desperately needed a beer and made my way to the bar, but it was packed 5 deep with the hip and the cool and there was only one surly female bartender making drinks. I quickly lost patience, went next door to King Cobra (no cover, not much going on, maybe 15 people in the place) and got me a beer. It was very peaceful in there but after drinking about half the beer I realized I had better get back to the Comet to see Danielli. I'm way too chicken to smuggle a beer out of a bar, so I had to leave half the beer behind which bugged me because I don't like to be wasteful, but I can't chug beer (it makes me puke; yes, I'm a wussy) and it was only Manny's which isn't my favorite kind of beer, (King Cobra didn't seem to have a very large selection of on-tap beer, but to be fair, I didn't ask). Went back and enjoyed Danielli and was amused to see a couple people from the #8 bus that I see almost every day, but don't talk to and Chelsea and I were out of there and home by midnight.

Yes, I have an action packed life, but the main point of this post is to bitch about the crappy service at The Comet. I know they're famous for it, but c' hard is it to staff a couple bartenders on a Thursday night at a Pike St bar when you have 4 bands playing? I mean, even no-name bands will pull in at least 10 people and you had some bands on there with a following. They should have known they could have a crowd of 70 or 80 people all wanting a drink or two.

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