Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last week in a post, I joked about the fact that the new governor of New York, legally blind David Paterson was unlikely to follow disgraced, ousted governor Eliot Spritzer down the adultery trail, with the implication that it would be difficult for a blind man to cheat on his wife. Well, the egg is on MY face, because both Paterson and his wife Michelle have admitted that during a rough patch in their marriage during the late 90's and up to 2001, that they both had extramarital affairs. The couple sought counseling and have reconciled and decided to come forward with the revelation after rumors began circulating in Albany about their previous estrangement. The couple decided it was best to be candid now rather than wait for the story to emerge later, and further tarnish their administration and the Democrats in New York.

I think it was wise, and gutsy of them to do this. It's the lies and cover-ups that ruin political careers, so it's best to just own up to any prior misdeeds and just get on with it.

And I learned a valuable lesson to not ASSUME that the blind can't also be horny...

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