Friday, March 14, 2008

Sorry, but Strangeways/Sideshow was FAAAAR more entertaining than Slog's Freaky Friday...

I'm not usually a cocky kind of guy, but I did have some good shit on my blog today, including a quote from a fringe celebrity. The best the freaky Sloggers could come up with, were pieces on parking and water bottles and lots of assorted crap....

Grade wise, here's how it went down:

Mr Poe and It's Mark Mitchell: A- for levity and humor. Of course, the whole gay thing helps, too. Gotta look out for my limp wristed bruthas.
Big Sven: B- cause the thing about his mom made me cry. He had some other good posts, too.
Aislinn: C and only because she's adorable and talked to me last night. Her posts were ok, but the late start hurt her.
Everyone else: D for Dull

UPDATE: Aislinn got bizzy late in the day with some good stuff so she gets upgraded to a B-
Geoffrey Infrequent gets upgraded to a C 'cause he posted cute pix of himself and a kitten
Excelelizabeth did a good piece on hookers and the divine Bob Ross so she goes to a B-

Thanks to Amy Kate for the link to me!!

I love you all...but in my own way.

And yes, a tiny number of people do read my inane little blog, so raspberries to my frenemies...

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