Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Once again, I'm forced to point out that McCain came in THIRD

in Ohio and Texas and that Clinton and Obama's total vote counts eclipse McCain and Huckabee's.

Ohio: Hillary-1.2 million
Texas: Hillary-1.4 million
Obama-1.3 million

Hillary is being touted as the one who's pulling in the Lunch Pail crowd which is important in the Rust Belt states like Ohio, but even if HALF of the people who voted for Hillary in Ohio switched to McCain in the general election, (with the presumption that the other half would vote for Obama if he was the Democrat nominee)and with McCain picking up the Huckabee votes, Obama still wins. And it's unlikely that half of Hillary's votes are from the Lunch Pail crowd and would opt for McCain over Obama. And if you crunch the Texas numbers the same way, you get similar results.

But let's look at it from the other perspective; if Hillary gets the nomination she's going to pick up the vast percentage of Obama's votes. There's going to be some angry blacks and younger voters who'll not support Hillary, but they're more likely to NOT vote, than to vote for McCain.

Unless the Dem's completely fuck it up, the Republicans are screwed. The Democrats have TWO stong candidates and the Republicans have one candidate that no one in their own party is very excited about. The Democrats need to resist internal sniping at each other and focus on the big picture for this year, and election years to come.

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