Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The next governor of New York is Black and Blind!

If New York Governor Eliot Spitzer eventually resigns, Lt Governor David A Paterson would be the first African-American governor of New York and the first legally blind man to be governor of any state. He was also the front runner to be appointed to Hillary's Senate seat if she wins the presidential election. If Hillary does win, it will now be up to Paterson to appoint the interim Senator.

Paterson, 53, has been completely blind in his left eye after developing a severe infection when he was three months old. He has only limited vision in his right eye.
Previously, he was a state senator representing parts of Harlem and the Upper West Side. He is married with two teenaged children.

New Yorkers and Democrats breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that a committed family man with limited sight will be unlikely to commit adultery with a high-priced call girl...

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