Friday, March 14, 2008

UPDATE: The adorable Tom Judson, aka Gus Mattox

REPLIED to an email I sent him this morning regarding his story in the NY Times and the Times referring to Chi Chi LaRue as MS LaRue. Here's part of Tom's reply:

LOL! Mike, I asked the same thing of the author of the piece and he said
the Times absolutely has a defined stylistic
treatment of drag queens and it happens to be the same as I use in
conversation. i.e. the title matches the gender
of the name being used. If I had referred to Larry they would, of course,
have used Mr.

Amazing, huh?

This is the reply I just sent him:


There's a Sulzberger spinning in their grave, somewhere...

And Clare Boothe Luce is vomiting in hell.

I love Tom's the perfect man...He's a showtunes fag, a handy man and a porn stud. Plus, he can write and he's freaking adorable.

He needs to be cloned.


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