Monday, March 17, 2008

Losties rejoice: Richard Alpert is coming back to LOST!

Yes, everyone's favorite mysterious, ageless Other with the perpetual eyeliner, Richard Alpert will be back for at least one episode. Actor Nestor Carbonell left Lost last year to co-star in the CBS show Cane, leaving the fate of his character up in the air and fans pissed off that it looked like they may not discover any answers as to the origins or motives of a character who seemingly never aged. Fortunately for fans, and probably pretty sucky to the actor who lost a gig as a co-starring regular, Cane was axed which freed ABC to make a deal with Carbonell. And hopefully, they signed him up for enough episodes to answer all the questions raised by his actions on the island.

Yes, I'm a Lost sue me. We all have our little nerdisms...

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