Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Taschen is the greatest book publishers in the world...

This book has already been out for awhile...and I'm guessing it's been a best seller for the company. I mean, who doesn't like a book devoted to big honkers and hooters?

So it's not a big surprise that the Teutonic pole smokers at Taschen are bringing out THIS for June, (have you noticed how so many gay things get released in June? I guess the homos like buying gifts for each other during gay pride...)

The cover image is the safest one I can post and keep my site relatively clean. For naughtier images go to the Taschen website where you can pre-order the book. There's some very iconic schlong in this book, both gay and straight, including a gorgeous shot of a very young Kristen Bjorn with his juicy, fat wang being pressed up against a window. I'm guessing, this baby is going to sell out and hopefully will get re-printed.

Here's a blurb from the website:
When it comes to pleasure, size doesn’t matter; as we all know it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. But let’s admit it: a big penis is undeniably compelling. Big shoulders, big lapels, and big hair may come and go, but the big penis never goes out of fashion. With those possessing more than 8 inches (20 cm) making up less than 2% of the world’s population, this rare accessory will always fascinate.

In this companion volume to The Big Book of Breasts, we explore the centuries-old fascination with the large phallus, a fascination common to men and women alike. This hefty book is profusely illustrated with over 400 historic photos of spectacular male endowments, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes. The majority of the photographs are from the 1970s, when the sexual revolution first freed photographers to depict the male entirely nude. Photographers include Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild, David Hurles of Old Reliable, Colt, Falcon, Sierra Domino, Third World, and Champion Studios, with each of these iconic photographers interviewed or profiled, along with information about each of their models.

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