Thursday, February 14, 2008 fires dude for blogging...

the story is at the Stranger:

I dunno. I used to think was a smart company. I don't know how smart it is to fire someone for a harmless blog post when the blogger did NOT name the company he was working for, and has a p/t gig blogging for a media outlet. I read the post in question and assumed it was referring to an event that happened at the Stranger offices. And now they've pissed off the said media outlet, who of course is going to run a story on it which puts Amazon in a bad light. I think the smarter act would have been to talk to and write up the employee instead of firing him. Now, if the post had been talking about some topsecret Amazon project, that would be a different story. But I don't think a snarky "review" of a Billy Ray Cyrus mini-concert in an office conference room is really grounds for dismissing someone for violating their PDA especially when the company is not named and the average reader is going to believe this is a thinly veiled story about the Stranger, and not


Here's a picture of alien overload Jeff Bezos loading newly legal dildos for shipment to Texas. (is it just me or is there a gay thing with Bezos? My 'dar always goes off when I see him, yet I've never heard any rumors...or is it just my Nerd-dar going off and I'm confusing it with my Gaydar?)

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