Friday, February 8, 2008

Douchebag of the Year (Individual Male Division)

And the winner is improbable Anna Nicole impregnator, Larry Birkhead for dragging his year and a half old daughter Dannielyn to her mother's grave in the Bahamas for a poignant and sure to be lucrative photo op/interview with The Insider. I especially loved the promos on the show the other night, "When we come back, find out what Dannielyn left at her mother's grave!" I'm guessing, judging by her age and lack of toilet training, it was probably a dirty diaper...

I guess I should have also nominated the Insider for a Douchebag of the Year in the Sleazy Media category, but it seemed redundant.

Is America really that fascinated about this story? I'm hoping that either the tabloids will move on to fresher fodder or Birkhead will start making excessive demands and price himself out of the ballpark.

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