Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sorry but sometimes I write things on Slog I want to put on my own blog...

So please excuse the repeat..

The Ballard Denny's Landmark Designation discussion has officially entered the Slog Overkill Hall of Fame. It was joyously welcomed to the club by "ECB's Bird Flu: It's Gonna Gitcha!", "Mudede's Photos of Hot African Babes", "Various Sundry Vicious and Potentially Misogynistic Attacks Against ECB" and lots and lots of stories about "Pit Bulls and Negligent Parents: Who's Putting the Baby in the Microwave?"

All involved had a party at Moe's and got drunk and tried to take advantage of "Christopher Frizzelle's Big Penis".
Several West Seattle threads bitterly complained that the Slog Overkill Hall of Fame NEVER has events in West Seattle and vowed to stay home next time, but no one cared. Oh, and "Various Semi-Nude Pictures of Hot Men" drank too many Manhattans and ended up going home with a tired, clapped out "Monorail: the Future of Seattle!" and "Liberty: Best Bar on 15th Street!" and had a nasty threeway which ended badly and flaccidly for all those involved.

Posted by michael strangeways | February 21, 2008 3:44 PM

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