Friday, February 1, 2008

Odd; Schmader posted a piece about Chi Chi LaRue

on Slog yesterday and Chi Chi's new safe sex PSA. Some doofus with the improbable name Manu Maltes then posted a comment that was a long, incoherent, rant against Chi Chi specifically and the porn industry in general. In my comment, defending Chi Chi, I attacked Manu and sarcastically asked if he was a failed porn star. After I posted that, just for kix, I Googled Manu Maltes and low and be hold, he IS a gay porn star!! A very, very busy porn star and all the links about him were definitely NSFW. So that raises the question, why is this guy now so anti-porn and how did he see the original post? Is he one of those porn stars who's seen the error of his ways? A surprising large amount of gay porn stars have found the Lord; is this guy one of them? Does he live around here, or does he read SLOG from afar? Or is this guy some nut who's constantly doing search queries to find these kinds of articles? Is it really Manu Maltes, or some nut pretending to be him? Judging by the bad writing, (it really is incoherent and makes no sense) it could have been written by someone who doesn't speak English as their first language. Allegedly, Manu is from Malta, of all places, which would account for the name, which I'm guessing, might be something along the lines of "Maltese Stud Man". Regardless, the guy is a putz and deserves to be in retaliation I'm going to post a relatively tame picture of him!!
Take that, Manu Maltes!!

(oh, here's the link to the original post at the Stranger:

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