Thursday, February 7, 2008

Help! Aliens have abducted a wanna be First Lady!

I continue to be fascinated by the wives of some of the men seeking the presidency. Michelle Obama is beautiful and smart, but most of the Republican wives are just...disturbing. Jeri Kehn Thompson, wife of Fred, is a blonde bombshell from Nebraska with a big rack and stepchildren older than she is. Judith Giulani is Rudy's third wife, and Rudy is HER third husband, and she has a reputation as a homewrecker and a mantrap. And then we have Little Cindy Lou McCain, pictured here with Alien Overlord Pat O'Brien, (aka, POB), where she was recently interviewed on that bastion of refined journalism, The Insider. I'm not getting the helmet hair, (Cindy's and not Pat's). I can understand the glazed expression in her eyes, (what the fuck am I doing here? and lets face it: can you blame her? First Lady has to be one of the shittiest jobs in the world...) but I'm not getting her "look". You know that all the major candidates have image consultants telling them what to say and how to look, and surely that must extend to the candidate's families as well, esp. the wives. Either the McCain's DON'T have consultants, or they have shitty ones, or maybe Cindy is a woman with her own sense of style and refused to cave in to their demands for a softer, gentler look. Whatever the case is, someone is allowing her to leave the house and give interviews with this harsh, stridently yellow blond hair and bizaare, impenetrable, retro business woman beehive, circa 1992. I'm not sure that trying to channel images of Ivanna Trump or AbFab's Patsy Stone, is really the way to go to establish First Lady credibility, esp when the majority of Republican presidential candidate's wives are channeling the ghostly images of high end hookers from 20 years ago. It's like a casting call for a remake of Knot's Landing.

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