Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What the hell is up with Septieme?

I walked by on Sunday afternoon and was horrified to discover:

1)They (badly) sponge painted the dining room, this sickly golden yellow color!

and more alarmingly,

2)They seem to have some new, brighter lights; you could actually see the face of the person sitting in front of you, bathed in a harsh circle of garish light!

This is NOT acceptable. Septieme is supposed to be RED and DIM; those are two of the reasons why we love it. There is something very alluring yet comforting about seedy grandeur.

I suspect that the numbnut who now owns Septieme, (the same numbnut who fired employees who wanted to go to the immigration march last year), is doing this in an effort to improve his PR. Septieme got a bad write up in the paper a couple months ago about health code violations. Obviously, Mr Numbnut did the paint job and brightened up the lighting in an effort to show people that his place is clean and bright and not trying to hide anything. I can see his point and appreciate his dilemna, but suddenly turning up the wattage to the point where it resembles an IHOP is not going to lure in many customers and it's certainly NOT going to help you keep the ones you got.

I wish someone would give Rodney, the best waiter in town, the money to buy the place and run it the way it should be run...

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