Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Foreskins will set you free...

WOW! I just saw this on Gawker and read the article from the Boston Herald: http://www.bostonherald.com/business/media/view.bg?articleid=1074068&srvc=rss

I'll quote you the main thrust of the story:

Organogenesis’ Apligraf is the first bio-engineered living cell therapy to receive FDA approval.

Apligraf is a two-inch round white patch that contains two layers of living cells. It is applied to the sore by a physician during a brief inpatient procedure. It eventually integrates into the wound, and helps it heal by encouraging other cells to generate more healthy cells.

The practice has been controversial because the basic material for Apligraf is human foreskin from circumcised baby boys.

I'm predicting this will be the controversy of this years presidential election and will lead to a nationwide ban on circumcision and Fox News personalities demanding a constitutional amendment outlawing cock-sock harvesting. American women, and gay men, are just going to have to get used to having a little more skin on their meat-cicles.

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