Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thanks to the damned Pepsi commercial, "What is Love" is stuck in my head...

I actually like the song, but it doesn't need to be stuck in replay mode in my head...But everytime I see the commercial I do think how nice it is for Haddaway. If you're going to be a one-hit wonder, at least have a hit that's going to produce a lot of money for you to act as your nest egg for the rest of your life. I assumed that he had written the song, (which would mean more money for him; if someone else covers the song, he gets nothing), but it was written by the producers of the album, D. Halligan / J. Torello according to Wikipedia.

And as for poor Chris Kattan...that commercial is the biggest work he's had in years. He's the Joe Piscopo of late 90's SNL to Will Ferrell's Eddie Murphy. (and I refuse to go into a diatribe against Ferrell, right now. But, WHY the hell is this guy considered funny? He does the exact same UNFUNNY routine in every movie and sketch he's ever been in! He makes Chevy Chase look talented, and I loathe Chevy Chase...)

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