Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars: Dull but thank god 'NCFOM' did well, esp..

my beloved Javier Bardem who came with his mama, Pilar, who's a pretty amazing woman. Check out this story in the LA Times about her:,1,1712273.story

And I swear, during the pre-show stuff, that senile old Regis Philben referred to Javier Bardem as Xavier. And since I don't have cable, I missed Gary Busey running amuck on the red carpet and molesting various interviews and flumoxing poor Ryan Seacrest which isn't that difficult to do... And why is Gary Busey even allowed to be ON the red carpet? He's no longer famous enough to warrant red carpet treatment. He needs to be in the pleb line with the execs and the sound editors and the Karen Black type has-beens...

And obviously I'm thrilled that the Coen's won for screenplay, director and film. For once, the Oscars got it right. And the Coen's were very dry and funny on stage and didn't make corny acceptance speeches.

The show itself, was a bit dull though Jon Stewart tried his best to keep it entertaining. I hope he doesn't get blamed for the dismal ratings; it would be disastrous if they asked back the puerile Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg to host...

And the song performances were dreadful. Why couldn't they have combined the "Enchanted" songs into one BRIEF number? And the winners, for the song from "Once", were adorable, but the song itself, was a dirge.

Couldn't we just eliminate this category? Is it really necessary?

And the botox abuse is pandemic in Hollywood and must be stopped. Nicole Kidman seems to have been replaced by a Nicole Kidman sexbot sometime during the last couple years. Maybe she was done in by her leftover fembot from that shitty remake of "The Stepford Wives" from a few years back? Also appalling: John Travolta and his abuse of hair dye. His hair looked like it was painted on his head using a stencil and some Krylon...

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